by Team Borelli on May 15, 2019 Joe Borelli

For most Democrats vying for the White House in 2020, holding a rally inside Trump Tower would normally present a golden-escalator sized opportunity to hit the President where it hurts. Yet for Bill de Blasio, his efforts to knock Donald Trump on climate change fell flat on the marble floor.

Monday’s rally at 725 Fifth Avenue was purportedly in support of a package of legislation known as New York City’s ‘Green New Deal,’ billed by progressives as the “largest single legislative mandate to reduce carbon emissions in the world.”

Unlike most rallies, however, the advocates weren’t actually calling for any bills to pass. This anomaly could be attributed to two reasons. First, the City Council had already passed its ‘Green New Deal’ nearly a month earlier; and second, de Blasio has not yet signed the bill, meaning it’s the mayor himself who is the only impediment to its immediate implication.

The trouble only starts there.