by Joe Borelli on Dec 08, 2020 Featured

Dear Governor Cuomo,

We are writing to you today in the hopes that you will intervene on behalf of the countless business owners on Staten Island, and elsewhere in New York, that have been shuttered due to the state’s micro-cluster strategy.

While we await news from Washington, it is our hope that you authorize, as part of your unprecedented power during this COVID-19 pandemic, a New York State relief package for businesses in orange and red zones.

Other states have begun implementing versions of this strategy, beyond what was available from the CARES act:

  • California – Governor Newsom announced last week a $500 million grant program and sales tax extension for businesses filing with less than $1 million in taxes.
  • Colorado – Last week, the state added stimulus payments of $375 to those receiving federal UI benefits resulting from a job loss due to the pandemic.
  • New Mexico – Governor Grisham signed a $330 million relief package on Nov 25th, including $100 million in immediate grants for small businesses.
  • Minnesota – The governor and legislature are working to pass a relief package including an extension of additional UI benefits, crisis grants for certain businesses, and one time $500 payments for affected families.
  • New Jersey – Legislative leaders announced a proposal last week to provide $300 million in tax relief to shuttered businesses.

While none of these reflects New York’s unique needs and challenges, we feel that with the vaccine on the horizon, a short-term grant program for businesses in the orange zone, or a temporary waiver of their taxes, would go a long way to ensure these businesses remain open post-pandemic.

Thank you for your consideration