Borelli & American Red Cross Partner to Host Disaster Preparedness Seminar at Local School

by Team Borelli on May 09, 2014 News


Borelli & American Red Cross Partner to Host Disaster Preparedness Seminar at Local School

Students at Paulo I.S. 75 discussed the importance of being prepared for disaster.


Assemblyman Joseph C. Borelli (R- South Shore) joined instructors from the New York City chapter of the American Red Cross to present a Disaster Preparedness Seminar to 7th and 8th grade students enrolled at I.S. 75 of Huguenot. Together, the duo explained the importance of being prepared for disasters such as hurricanes, tornados, severe floods, forest fires and extreme winter storms to name a few. “With hurricane season making its approach, and with Super Storm Sandy still fresh in our minds, it is imperative to educate our youth about the importance of being prepared in the face of disaster” said Borelli. “Any individual that is well educated and well prepared will be able to protect themselves and their loved ones as well.”


During the presentation, the students were asked to collaborate and explain how they’d react during an emergency. Staff from the Red Cross assisted the students in making adjustments and developing an effective action plan to be executed in the event of a disaster. Additionally, literature detailing the different components of recommended preparations, including how to prepare “go bags” and where to go in various emergencies, was disseminated among the students.


Students were briefly addressed by Assemblyman Borelli, who reiterated the importance of preparation and told a story about a Boy Scout from Staten Island whom he recently met, whose knowledge of emergency management was able to save the lives of himself, his family members, and the family dog when an emergency occurred on a family vacation.


Said Borelli, “Nobody plans on being a hero, but now you have some knowledge that may help you be one in the future.”