by Joe Borelli on Dec 11, 2018 Featured

December 11, 2018

I.S. 72 Students Enjoy “Greener NYC” Horticulture Program Funded by Council Member Borelli

The Horticultural Society of New York has been serving 6th graders at IS 72. This Fall, the students released ladybugs, transplanted herbs, planted bulbs and weeded the garden. In celebration of school pride, they the planted bulbs with orange and blue flowers. They planted Tangerine Beauty tulips and Scillia siberica for its cobalt blue blossoms. With so much work needing to be done, students embraced the cold weather and got their hands dirty as they work to put their garden to rest for the winter.

“The Horticultural Society of New York runs a great program at I.S. 72. I know the students have really enjoyed being able to experiment with their very own garden. It’s a pleasure to see the progress the students are making and I can’t wait to see what they’ve learned for next year,” said Council Member Borelli.
“The students were very engaged with this outdoor, participatory opportunity—what a wonderful learning experience,” said teacher John-Michael Mon.

“It is delightful to watch middle schoolers embrace nature and the elements to work in their school garden. It is a beautiful oasis now and will be even more in the future,” said I.S. 72 Horticulture educator, Crystal Leckie.