by Joe Borelli on Apr 05, 2019 Featured

Council Member Joseph C. Borelli (R-South Shore) is
announcing today that the New York City Department of Transportation plans to
expand the dockless bike-share pilot program throughout Staten Island. Council
Member Borelli had requested the expansion in February so that DOT can further
evaluate the dockless bike share model within a larger geographic boundary with
expanded bicycle fleets.

DOT will be rolling out the program in phases beginning this
summer so they are able to carefully monitor the expansion, gauge the
community’s response, and adjust as necessary. Council Member Borelli is
looking forward to moving ahead with this exciting expansion and will be
working with DOT to ensure that Staten Islanders will have the opportunity to
enjoy this service.

“This is about making certain that south shore residents
have an opportunity to test out these bikes as part of the pilot program. Users
will be able to gauge the usefulness of the bikes and to experiment with a
different mode of transportation to make short trips into town or to public
transit hubs without having to worry about parking the car,” said Council
Member Borelli.