by Team Borelli on Mar 25, 2012 Joe Borelli

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Rep. Michael Grimm wasn’t just being endorsed this morning — he also did some endorsing.

Standing with Councilmen Vincent Ignizio and James Oddo, Grimm endorsed the GOP’s Joseph Borelli for the New York State Assembly. Borelli will run for the South Shore Assembly seat Republican Lou Tobacco will vacate in November.

Grimm praised Borelli’s work on behalf of his South Shore neighbors as chief of staff to Ignizio.

“He’s been working for them and fighting for them for so long,” he said.

“I was proud to stand with Michael Grimm on day one, and I’m proud to stand with him today after his first year in office,” Borelli told the crowd.

He said he hoped to stop the waste-to-energy plant slated for the site of the former Fresh Kills landfill, calling the project “our generation’s Fresh Kills.” He also vowed to reduce government involvement in business and to reduce taxes, tolls and fees.

“Albany doesn’t have a revenue problem, it has an Albany problem,” he said.

After the endorsement, Borelli said he had no qualms standing beside Grimm, despite campaign finance allegations published by the New York Times.

Among those there to support Borelli was 14-year-old David Beyar of Annadale. He’s been volunteering on political campaigns for three years, he said, and met Borelli when he volunteered in Ignizio’s office.

He’s helped out several Republican campaigns, he said, and Borelli’s run for Assembly was the perfect race for him to get involved with.

“Since I live in the district that Joe will be representing I think he’s the best candidate for me,” he said.