by Team Borelli on Feb 05, 2014 News


New York risks losing $120 million in federal aid


Assemblyman Joe Borelli (R,C,I – Southshore) today urged the passage of the Public Assistance Integrity Act (A2386). The bill would protect existing public assistance funds by eliminating the use of electronic benefit transfer cards (EBT) in casinos, liquor stores and establishments providing adult-oriented entertainment (i.e. strip clubs), and prohibit the purchase of alcoholic beverages, tobacco products or lottery tickets with state assistance.


“We need to pass real welfare reform inNew YorkStatethat fixes the problems of the broken system,” said Borelli. “There is no issue with providing services to people in need, but public assistance money needs to be spent on necessities, such as food and provisions, not on unnecessary habits such as alcohol, cigarettes, and gambling.”


The bill has died in the Assembly for two consecutive years after passing overwhelmingly in the Senate each time. Borelli, along with others from the Republican Conference, is pushing for a quick passage of the bill so that it complies with a recent federal mandate.New Yorkcould lose over $120 million in federal temporary assistance aid if it does not fulfill the mandate byFebruary 22, 2014.


“The loopholes that allow for the wasteful spending of taxpayer dollars need to be closed. It should not take this long to make common-sense reform in regard to the way welfare money is being abused,” said Borelli. “The responsible thing for the Assembly Majority to do would be to pass this legislation and bring back responsibility and integrity to the public assistance system.”


Borelli hopes that progress will be made with the Public Assistance Integrity Act before the federal deadline approaches and another year goes by without reform.