by Team Borelli on Oct 09, 2014 News

Borelli, Lanza Announce “Justice for Charlotte” Petition Drive for Animal Abuser Registry


State Assemblyman Joe Borelli and State Senator Andrew Lanza have announced a “Justice for Charlotte” petition drive they’re launching this week to garner momentum and put pressure on the Assembly Speaker and the Legislature to enact meaningful animal protections and create a registry of animal abusers.

The recent events concerning Charlotte the puppy on Staten Island have brought renewed attention to the lack of legislated safeguards in place to protect household pets from demented individuals who would wish to do them harm, whether for sadistic entertainment or as a manifestation of extraordinary laziness and apathy. Charlotte’s owner was able to heinously abandon her severely injured puppy on the side of the road, and then walk right into a pet store and purchase another dog just hours later. The passage of the animal abuser-registry bills will bring peace of mind to animal lovers across our state, allowing breeders to identify animal abusers before the point of sale, and helping to ensure that all animals sold in New York State go to caring and responsible people.

Said Assemblyman Borelli, “As a lifelong pet owner and supporter of animal rescues, I know I speak for so many Staten Islanders that were sickened by the unimaginable actions by Charlotte’s former owner.  To think that she was able to simply go in to a store and buy a new puppy is disturbing.  I strongly encourage Speaker Silver to pass these, or any bills, that would create an animal abuse registry in this state and thus lessen the likelihood that animal abusers can have their way with another pet.  I hope all of my neighbors will join me in signing this petition.”

“People who commit crimes against animals are deplorable and often expand their violence to their neighbors and the larger community,” said Senator Andrew Lanza. “I believe that the level of respect and kindness shown towards animals is a fine predictor of how a person will treat their peers.Violent and cruel behavior towards animals — who cannot speak for themselves and often cannot protect themselves from the sick people who abuse them — cannot and should not be tolerated. This registry will prevent repeat animal abusers offenders and is long overdue.”

Emily Gear, president of Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue, said, “I think it’s only logical that the state, and all states, create an animal abuser registry, especially considering the interstate nature of pet rescue and adoption. I wouldn’t want to see an animal abuser on the city’s registry drive elsewhere and get a dog there– because people do it, despite rescue and shelter efforts to create and keep “Do Not Adopt” lists. I still hope that we can also work toward stiffer penalties for those who abuse animals.”

Assemblyman Borelli is a sponsor of bill number A. 7363, and Senator Lanza is a sponsor of the Senate version of that bill, S. 1594-C. The legislators are urging the leadership to make the creation of an animal abuser registry a priority.


The petition can be found at