Borelli Calls for Votes on Women’s Equality Act

by Team Borelli on Feb 13, 2015 Newsroom

Assemblyman Joe Borelli (South Shore – R,C,I) today joined Assembly Minority Leader Brian M. Kolb and members of the Assembly Minority Conference at a press conference calling on the Assembly leadership to allow a vote on the provisions of the Women’s Equality Agenda that were passed in the state Senate yesterday.


“While not everyone agrees on each of the original 10 provisions, we all agree that sexual harassment and gender crimes are anathema to a free and equitable society. Protections need to be in place, and the victims of these crimes need to be acknowledged by the law so that they can be provided a means within the legal system of achieving justice,” said Borelli. “It’s time for Sheldon Silver to put politics aside and allow each of these bills to come to the floor individually for a vote.” 


Yesterday, the state Senate passed eight provisions of the Women’s Equality Agenda, including the Trafficking Victims Protection and Justice Act, as well as measures that would ensure equal pay, stop discrimination based on family status, end pregnancy discrimination in the workplace, prevent housing discrimination against domestic violence victims, prohibit sexual harassment, remove barriers to remedy discrimination, and allow electronic filing for orders of protection.