by Team Borelli on Feb 07, 2016 News


ida court

Councilman Joe Borelli (R-South Shore) announced today that a construction company’s lease on NYC Parks’ property at Ida Court and Drumgoole Road East will end this spring, after a period in which the construction company will remove their heavy equipment and debris from the site. Additionally, a section of North Railroad Street will reopen to car and pedestrian traffic.

The land was originally leased 6 years ago as a staging area for a series of sewer projects in Annadale and Huguenot that have since been completed. The company was permitted to operate a temporary pipe storage yard, as well as pile soil and debris.  North Railroad Street had been blocked off, and construction equipment could often be heard and seen behind the 10’ steel walls of the site.

As part of the agreement, the company will have several months this spring to remove the equipment and debris, re-open the street, and restore the grass field. Afterward, the Parks department will commence a $500,000 renovation of the adjacent Tot Lot, funded by former Councilman Ignizio in fiscal year 2015. Additionally, Borelli announced his intention to fund the installation of a dog run there in the fiscal year 2017 budget, this summer.

“The property was needed, the work was completed, but now it’s time to go,” said Borelli. “This staging area made sense as a series of sewer projects were ongoing in the immediate vicinity, but now that the sewer jobs have moved on, we can restore this property and street back to public use. Soon, we’ll regain a large open space and shortly thereafter, a beautiful new playground and dog run for families in our community to enjoy. I am glad to have had a strong ally in Parks Commissioner Lynda Ricciardone in returning this site to the public.”