by Team Borelli on Aug 10, 2017 News

Council Member Joseph Borelli (R-South Shore), Borough President James Oddo, and NYC Department of Transportation Borough Commissioner Tom Cocola are announcing a new flashing yellow amber warning signal which will be installed on Annadale Road in the heart of the town this fall. Last March, Council Member Borelli and Borough President Oddo brought Borough Commissioner Cocola on a tour of the area to make suggestions about how to better protect pedestrians and preserve the general walkability of the heart of Annadale town. One of the improvements suggested to the DOT by Council Member Borelli & BP Oddo was the installation of a flashing yellow warning signal just below the crest of the hill on Annadale Road so that commuters and students coming off of the train would be able to cross more safely.

The amber signal will be on the curve approaching the station from the south to alert the motorists to reduce their speed coming around the curve.

“My thanks to Commissioner Cocola for working with Borough President Oddo and I to determine what steps are necessary to maintain the safe, walkable town center in Annadale that residents are accustomed to,” said Borelli. “We are ahead of the issue here and I look forward to the implementation of this pedestrian improvement in the fall.”

“My office received a complaint from a constituent about pedestrian safety in this area last year,” noted Borough President Oddo. “We immediately reached out to Council Member Borelli and DOT for an onsite meeting. It was clear that the area needed to be made safer for people crossing this busy street. I’m pleased to see that DOT responded and is adding this new warning signal to begin to make Annadale safer for pedestrians.”

“We’re pleased to be working in tangent with our local elected officials,” said Gary Fleming, President of The South Shore Business Improvement District. “Together we will continue to make our towns better places to work, shop and live.”

“As a result of a tour this past March with Borough President Oddo, DOT has agreed to install a flashing yellow amber warning signal along Annadale Road by this fall,” said DOT Staten Island Borough Commissioner Tom Cocola. “The signal, which will be installed on the curve, will alert motorists and help keep pedestrians and cyclists safe.”