by Joseph Borelli on Oct 15, 2018 Featured

Council Member Joseph C. Borelli (R-South Shore) is announcing today that he’s allocated $550,000 in funding for Staten Island elementary schools in fiscal year 2019. The funds will go toward a number of new initiatives and upgrades for a majority of the elementary schools in the Council Member’s district.

The enhancements will include major technology upgrades, including smart boards and laptops at thirteen local schools; P.S. 4, 6, 8, 37, 42, 53, 55, 58, and 62, and I.S. 24, 34, and 72.

“We have the highest performing public schools in New York City right here on the south shore of Staten Island and it’s my privilege to augment the hard work of principals, parents, and PTAs by providing them with the resources they need to maintain their edge and continue producing outstanding students,” said Borelli.

“We at P.S. 53 are very grateful and thankful to Councilman Joe Borelli for allocating $50,000 to support our technology program. In an effort to provide our student with the tools necessary to be innovative in an ever-changing society, this funding will help facilitate our students’ growth,” said Beth Albano, Principal of P.S. 53.

“Once again, Councilman Borelli has responded and understands the concerns of students with special needs,” said James McKeon, Principal of P.S. 25.