by Joseph Borelli on Nov 15, 2018 Featured

Council Member Joseph C. Borelli (R-South Shore) is announcing that his office has allocated more than $100,000 in funding for security cameras, business support services, and beautification for south shore communities this fiscal year. The funds will be used to install seven new security cameras in Annadale, following Borelli’s previous years’ successful camera initiatives and NYPD partnerships in Eltingville and Great Kills’ commercial corridors.

These programs strengthen the bonds of the communities in which they’re implemented, and they cement the bonds between merchants, residents, local law enforcement, and other community stakeholders. The comprehensive approach employed by Council Member Borelli has reduced complaints about safety and cleanliness and greatly increased cooperation within the community since he implemented it in 2015.

The Annadale security cameras will be fully operational by January, completing the third in a series of town improvement initiatives which began in 2015. Once completed, all three major commercial town corridors on the south shore, Eltingville, Great Kills, and Annadale, will be linked by security cameras, joint clean-up and beautification initiatives, and a shared determination to be the best towns they can be.

“Another year, another improvement of our south shore towns,” said Council Member Borelli. “I know how important this level of engagement is to business owners and residents and I’m happy to provide the resources necessary for them to continue to improve their local communities. Anyone who wants to improve their community will find a partner in me. If you have ideas or need support, I strongly encourage you to contact my office, we would love to help you.”

“This community could not ask for a better partner than Joe Borelli. Every year we count on his support and every year we receive it. From cameras, to cleanups, to flower pots, Annadale is going to be safer, cleaner, and more beautiful thanks to these investments,” said Gary Fleming, President of the South Shore Business Improvement District.