by Joe Borelli on Jul 11, 2021 Featured

By Post Editorial Board

Gov. Andrew Cuomo loves nothing more than to win positive headlines by announcing action in the public interest. Too bad he so often fails to follow up by actually getting the job done.

City Councilman Joe Borelli (R-SI) utterly nailed the gov on this after Thursday’s torrential rains from Tropical Storm Elsa inundated several city subway stations with waist-deep water, by reminding Twitter of the gov’s unfulfilled vow to make the transit system more resilient.

“Just a reminder that @NYGovCuomo – who actually controls the subways – has promised for over 8 years to shore up the subways from the flooding that happened today,” Borelli snarked, sharing an an October 2013 photo of Cuomo examining an MTA subway stair cover.

It’s been nearly 10 years since Hurricane Sandy slammed the city — and Cuomo vowed to better prepare New York for such extreme events. Yet, in another example Borelli cited to The Post, Living Breakwaters, a $107 million state project to protect Staten Island’s South Shore communities, is only now starting after years of delays.

It’s almost as if Cuomo thinks his press releases and cosmetic changes like lighting up bridges are all the achievements he needs and New York voters are just too dumb to notice how rarely he actually delivers.