by Team Borelli on Jul 07, 2016 News

The Department of Finance (NYC DOF) will be reminding homeowners who receive the Senior Citizen Homeowner’s Exemption (SCHE) or Disabled Homeowner’s Exemption (DHE) to renew their property tax exemptions before the deadline on March 15, 2017. The reductions received by eligible applicants range from 5% to 50% of the homeowner’s total assessed property value, representing substantial savings to senior and disabled homeowners.

NYC DOF will begin mailing reminder letters this week, with renewal applications enclosed, to the affected homeowners. Council Member Borelli has begun alerting the more than 3,000 eligible homeowners in his district, and has encouraged them to submit their exemption-renewals as soon as possible.

Questions about eligibility or requests for assistance with completing the renewal applications can be directed to the Council Member’s office by phone (718) 984-5151 or in person at 2955 Veteran’s Road West, Suite 2E.

“Property taxes are one of the largest tax burdens my constituents carry, and these two exemption programs represent a significant reduction of that burden for seniors and the disabled in my district that live on fixed incomes. I encourage all eligible applicants to submit the necessary documents as soon as possible, and, of course, my office is happy to assist in any way that we can,” said Council Member Joseph Borelli.