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OCTOBER 11, 2017 Borelli Pushes Legislation to Require NYC Public Television to Air Borough-wide and City-wide General Election Debates

Council Member Joseph C. Borelli (R – South Shore) is drafting and advocating for legislation that would require New York City’s public television station, channel 25 on most provider networks, to air the full debates in addition to whichever commercial television station is sponsoring them.

This initiative was prompted by the limited distribution of the mayoral debate on 10/10/17 which aired on Spectrum News, a privately owned television station with a notoriously high subscription cost and limited distribution throughout New York City.

“It’s disgraceful that more than half of New Yorkers weren’t able to watch last night’s debate on television because they either don’t have access to NY1, can’t afford it, or just refuse to pay Spectrum’s high subscription rates,” said Council Member Joseph Borelli. “It’s important that the people who live in our city are able to access as much information about the people trying to represent them as reasonably possible, and limiting the audience to paying subscribers of a cable television station is inappropriate.”

TV Schedule for NYC Public TV Channels NYC Life and NYC Gov & Channel and Carrier Guide:

SEPTEMBER 29, 2017 Borelli Calls on AG to Weigh-in on Perth Amboy Closing Local Roads to NYS Drivers During Peak Traffic Hours

In a letter to New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, Council Member Joseph C. Borelli (R – South Shore), Congress Member Dan Donovan (R – SI, Brooklyn), Minority Leader Steven Matteo (R – Mid Island), Borough President James Oddo (R – Staten Island), and Assembly Member Ron Castorina (R – South Shore) expressed their concern about the behavior of officials in the town of Perth Amboy, NJ regarding the exclusion of New York State motorists from local roads during peak traffic.

Beginning during the summer traffic rush following the Fourth of July, New Yorkers returning to Staten Island and the other boroughs from New Jersey have experienced gridlock traffic and have run into the issue of local police and official resources being used to turn motorists from New York away from local highway exits to prevent them from accessing local roads in Perth Amboy. As Staten Islanders, we understand all too well how frustrating consistent, unabated traffic is to motorists and how debilitating it can be for local towns absorbing the overflow from interstates and other expressways. However, marshaling government resources to prevent people from one geographic area from accessing another is discriminatory, offensive, and creates unnecessary animosity between two areas which have historically collaborated and leveraged influence to resolve regional issues.

Borelli and his colleagues are requesting that Attorney General Schneiderman look into the legality of the actions taken by Perth Amboy and provide an opinion so that New York State elected and transportation officials can pursue a resolution that is amenable to Perth Amboy and fair to the hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers utilizing state roads to travel between New York and New Jersey.

View a copy of the letter here.

SEPTEMBER 15, 2017 Borelli Announces Over $2.5 Million in New Funding for Staten Island Schools

Council Member Joseph C. Borelli (R-South Shore) has announced the allocation of over $2.5 million in
funding for Staten Island schools through his office. The funds will go toward a number of new projects
and upgrades for a majority of the elementary and intermediate schools in the Council Member’s

The enhancements will include technology upgrades in PS 4, PS 5, PS 6, PS 8, PS 55, PS 58, PS 62, PS 69,
and IS 24, IS 34, and IS 72, playground equipment at PS 3, a new schoolyard at PS 32, security cameras at
PS 56, a gymnasium at PS 53, a new perimeter fence at IS 7, and electrical upgrades at PS 1, PS 36, IS 72
and Tottenville High School, which will allow the school buildings to accommodate climate control
systems and newer technology. Funding has also been allocated for lighting upgrades at IS 75.

“We have the highest performing public schools in New York City right here on the south shore of Staten
Island,” said Borelli. “I intend to provide our schools with the resources necessary to continue producing
exemplary students at exceptional rates.”

“The PS 56 Louis DeSario School community is extremely grateful and appreciates everything
Councilman Borelli has done for us,” said Philip Carollo, Acting Principal, P.S. 56. “The security cameras
that were funded by Mr. Borelli add an additional layer of safety for our entire school community. We
look forward to his continued support!”

SEPTEMBER 02, 2017 Support Team Borelli: Campaign Signs Have Arrived – Request Yours Today!

Borelli Campign Signs Have Arrived!
We just received a shipment of over 1,000 campaign signs that will support the re-election campaigns of Councilmen Joe Borelli and Steve Matteo, and Borough President Jim Oddo. After only our first day of responding to existing campaign sign requests from people who support Joe, our team placed over three dozen across the South Shore, and we’re working hard this weekend to place more.

Show your support for Team Oddo, Team Matteo, and Team Borelli by requesting a campaign sign here! We are also in need of volunteers to help us act on these sign requests in the coming weeks, and you can register to volunteer here!

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