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JULY 25, 2017 Councilman Borelli on Cavuto

JULY 20, 2017 Borelli Passes Legislation Aimed at Requiring Sidewalks at NYC Parks



Council Member Joseph Borelli (R – South Shore) passed legislation (Intro. 1411-A) at today’s New York City Council stated meeting that will require New York City agencies to provide safe access for both pedestrians and park users that are being dropped off by vehicles by installing sidewalks and pathways at all active-recreation (athletic field, courts, etc.) parks constructed after the passage of the bill.

Intro. 1411-A was derived of the frustration of countless parents and children who, in trying to safely access their local parks for weekend soccer matches, have had to carry equipment and push strollers on Arthur Kill Road because no sidewalks were ever installed to provide safe access from the street. Over the last year, Council Member Borelli’s office has worked with the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation and other municipal stakeholders to ensure that the issue would be resolved and the solution would be feasible for the city to implement.

“It is unacceptable that someone should have to walk with their child in the street to access their local park in the greatest city in the world. Tackling the lack of sidewalks at public parks has been a priority of mine throughout my years in government; I have heard the concerns of parents and youth alike about the lack of sidewalks along major parks and this bill will ensure that sidewalks are a priority for the city at all future parks. We would never have gotten this far without the support of Parks Committee Chair Mark Levine, for which I am very thankful,” said Council Member Joseph Borelli.

“This is a simple, common-sense solution to what has become a significant public safety problem, particularly on Staten Island. With the city expending hundreds of millions of dollars to decrease traffic fatalities, providing safe pedestrian access for park-goers  is a no-brainer,” said Council Minority Leader Steven Matteo.

“Kudos to Councilman Borelli for introducing this bill. One’s experience at a NYC Park begins with access and that access should not be dangerous. Once passed, I hope that the Parks Department revisits some of their more vulnerable locations for sidewalk installation – high volume destinations such as the Owl Hollow Soccer Fields desperately need sidewalks,” said Liz Morano, Director of the OLHC Soccer Club in Staten Island.


JULY 18, 2017 New Sensory Playground to be Built in Prince’s Bay

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — A new sensory playground that will provide fun for all children, including those with autism spectrum disorder and sensory processing disorder, will be built in the E.M.T. Christopher J. Prescott Playground in Prince’s Bay.

The announcement was made on Tuesday by Borough President James S. Oddo, Councilman Joe Borelli (R-South Shore) and Borough Parks Commissioner Lynda Ricciardone.

“We want to see all of Staten Island enjoying our parks,” Oddo said. “When it comes to our kids, we want all of our kids to enjoy our parks. We want all of our kids with varying degrees of ability to enjoy our parks. I know of sensory playgrounds that allow kids of all abilities to utilize those playgrounds and I think we should do it on Staten Island.”

The playground will be designed to challenge the body’s senses. The equipment will include things like textured surfaces, patterns, shapes, talk tubes, musical play panels, swings, roller tables, balance walkers and climbers.

“This is the vision that we were hoping to achieve that we thought about incorporating a playground that children of all abilities, or regardless of their abilities, can come play,” Borelli said.

A total of $4 million in funding for the new playground has been included in the city’s fiscal year 2018 budget — which includes $3.9 million from the borough president’s office and $100,000 from Borelli’s office.

“We want to be able to have the children develop their physical coordination, social skills and the imaginative play behaviors in a shared peer-play setting,” Ricciardone said.

JULY 06, 2017 Uniformed Firefighters Association of the FDNY Endorses Joe Borelli for City Council.


Staten Island – July 7, 2017: The executive board of the Uniformed Firefighters Association has endorsed Joe Borelli (R,C,I, Reform) for the 51st District of the New York City Council.


Borelli has been a member of the Council since winning a special election in November of 2015, and has been a champion of measures to protect the safety of firefighters and of the public. He previously served as a member of the State Assembly from 2013 – 2015.


Borelli has been an advocate for locating a new squad company on Staten Island since being elected, and was an early supporter of this year’s successful push to provide each firefighter with an additional set of boots. In the past, he has been involved in the protests to keep firehouses open on Staten Island.


Said Borelli, “Last weekend, I witnessed nearly all of the FDNY companies in my council district battling a blaze just a few hundred feet from my own house. Seeing the work the FDNY performed to make sure all got out safely was a very real reminder of how important it is to maintain our world class fire department.   As in the past, I look forward to working with the UFA to ensure every firefighter has the tools, training and protections they need to get the job done.”


Said Eric Bischoff, Staten Island Borough Trustee of the UFA, “Councilman Borelli has been a strong advocate for the men and women of the FDNY since taking office. He has been with us in every attempt to make the work of firefighters safer and to expand out capabilities to reduce the number of fire-related deaths on the Island. We are proud to stand with him in this year’s election.”

JUNE 21, 2017 Councilman Borelli on FOX and Friends